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The Team

TransHack is organised by a team of dedicated volunteers, with interests in all different areas of computing.


Aimee Challenor – Event Manager

Aimee is our Event Manager for TransHack. She codes websites using HTML, HTML5, and CSS. She also dabbles occasionally in Python and JavaScript. Aimee describes her focus as being primarily on the front-end, making sure things look alright.

⚧ Trans Woman – She/Hers

Katrina Swales – Business Contact

Katrina is TransHack’s Business Contact, working with Sponsors to ensure that TransHack has the support it needs. She has an extensive developer background ranging from popular Minecraft mods Thaumic Tinkerer and Thaumic Exploration, through to application development and web server management. Her coding languages include; Java, PHP, Python, Scala, C#, and Ruby.

⚧ Trans Woman – She/Hers