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Looking for Sponsors!

At TransHack we want coding to be accessible to all. As part of this commitment, it is our goal to make TransHack free to attend, so that any trans person can participate, regardless of socio-economic background. Because we won’t be charging for attendance, we need to look at other avenues of securing equipment etc, to ensure a good event. So we’re reaching out to the Tech Community to ask for your support.

We’re already working with some lovely generous venues to host us in August, and we’re thankful to them for their support. So at the moment our current focus is on ensuring we have the practical things, including things like Rasberry Pi’s or Arduino’s for participants to try their hand at, to financial support for us to be able to provide snacks and drinks to participants.

As part of this work, we’re contacting large companies like Google, GitHub, Raspberry Pi Foundation, and more, to more local organisations, such as nearby Universities and Councils.

We’re offering to Sponsors promotional opportunities including Sponsor logos on any printed material, to a specific website section, and mentions during the day. We’re also offering to select sponsors, the opportunity to have a speaking session.

If you would like to support Trans people in Computer Programming, both Hardware and Software, then please get in touch to help TransHack. You can email our Business Relations Team at

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